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Base Shaper / Bag Insert Saver For CHANEL Classic Clutch With Chain

Base Shaper / Bag Insert Saver For CHANEL Classic Clutch With Chain

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This is Bag Base/Side Protector/Shaper Saver specifically designed for:

CHANEL Classic Clutch with Chain
(Bag Dimension: 8 × 12.5 × 3 cm or 3.1 × 4.9 × 1.2 in)


This bag base shaper is going to create a sturdy base for your handbag while protecting your bag lining from scratch. It fits snugly in the bag and helps prevent the bag base from sagging/collapsing.

Unlike other bags "organiser" - our insert does not take up space in the bag. It maximises the capacity in your bag for your daily use.

  • Premium Faux Leather: Our base shapers are meticulously crafted using premium faux leather, providing the look and feel of genuine leather while aligning with ethical fashion choices. Our selected Premium Faux Leather is lightweight and soft yet durable material. From numerous testing, our base shapers are guaranteed not to give any color transfer to your precious handbag. They are also made in rounded softer corner which does not rub into the fabric thus damage the internal lining.

  •  Enhanced Bag Structure: Our base shapers add stability and structure to luxury handbags, ensuring they maintain their shape and elegance over time.

  • Increased Bag Lifespan: By minimizing sagging and wear, our base shapers help extend the lifespan of luxury handbags, protecting your viewers' valuable investments.

A must-have for all handbag lovers!

25+ Available Colors to choose from to match the internal lining of your bag.

We also provide customised service. If you cannot find you, bag models, in our listings, please feel free to contact us for a customised order.

The listings are for base shapers only. The bags showing in the photos are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the listing.
M Boutique AU is not associated or affiliated with the brand of the bags showing in the photos. All Copyrights reserved to the original brand holder.

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